Fear and Phobia Removal that is effective and takes only minutes (not NLP)


Hello, I'm Dr. Robert Shields and I am writing to you from England, U.K.

If you are in one of the 'Caring Professions', or training to become one (especially Hypnotherapy) dealing with Anxiety and Fears is an important part of your work.  Imagine how you would feel if you could remove a lifetime fear of surgery in less than.  I did exactly that and the client had minor chiropody surgery (deeply imbedded ingrowing toenail, feeling totally relaxed.  

Or a fifteen year-old fear of having water on the face (even washing the face had to be done with a damp cloth)?   I removed that fear in a public demonstration in front of more than twenty alternative medicine practitioners in less than fifteen minutes.

Or a fear of heights.  Removed in less than ten minutes in a group therapy.  he girl shaking and crying when describing her fear and two minutes after finishing the therapy with her, she was looking down out of a third story window, actually laughing with delight at the lack of fear.

If you are not in a 'Caring Profession'  but would like to help your family or friends to remove phobias or deep rooted fears of any kind, my short Fear Removal course could be one of the most valuable assets you will ever have,

And the beauty of all this is that I can teach you in only a few hours how to apply my Fear Elimination Therapy (F.E.T),  (forty five minutes to learn the technique and the remainder of the time practicing it).

You will find yourself able to eliminate phobias, or at the very least make them so unimportant they can be easily managed.  And this applies to any fear, no matter how long ago it started.  It is worth bearing in mind that most phobias and fears start in early childhood.

This is a breakthrough therapy that can take as little as five minutes, but hardly ever more than fifteen minutes, to achieve a incredible result.

It is NOT Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.) but a more advanced technique I based on N.L.P. Eye Scan Patterns (I will say no more as I don't want an army of N.L.P. practitioners contacting me saying that there is nothing quicker than N.L.P. to remove phobias and fear, because they would be wrong.  Fear Elimination Therapy is quicker and, in my opinion, much easier to learn and use.)

Remember, my Therapy for Fear Removal works and on many occasions, even quicker than the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. 

Also remember that my revolutionary therapy:

  • Can help to overcome other fears, such as Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Exam Nerves, Job Interviews etc.

  • Does not use slow and time consuming techniques, such as Behaviorism's Desensitization Technique (can take days or weeks to complete), Counseling (can take months), Hypnotherapy (can take a number of hours), Yoga, meditation and so many more.

  • Is laser-sharp and accurate when overcoming anxiety and fear

  • Is used solely as a therapy for fear, but it can be improvised for other problems, including losing weight and stop smoking.

  • Works incredibly fast

  • Is specifically designed for Phobias, Anxiety and any fear that rules your life.

Regardless of how long the fear or phobia has been a problem,

one week, one year, seven years or even thirty years,

my therapy has the potential to remove it

Want proof?  Click here to read about two actual cases


Dear Dr. Robert,

Having completed Fear Elimination Therapy training some time ago, last week I had the first occasion to put it into practice. 

 I must say the results staggered me.   

Even with someone I trust as much as you, one always throws in at least some discount for enthusiasm against a 'sales' description - which I had done for Fear Elimination Therapy.    However, far from it working acceptably but not quite as dramatically as it was described, it was even more dramatic.    Not only did the patient at the first treatment entirely lose the fear she had, but she could not, to my complete amazement, even remember ever being frightened at all, or even the incident she had described in such trembling detail of her bad memories before the treatment.

I now consider it a complete treatment in its own right, and can see many occasions when it will, in a ridiculously short time, produced the required effect as an end in itself; or alternatively be used to dispel a phobic memory in a more complex case, and allow the other forms of treatment to take place sooner against a more stable background.
Dr. Robert, I am at a loss for words to describe such an incredibly effective and rapid treatment - particularly since I didn't think it could possibly be as good as described.     It is!    Thanks so much.   

Archie McIntyre. U.K.

Now you can Remove a Phobia

or any Fear in Minutes - 99% of the time Permanently!!!!!


My Therapy for Fear Removal (Fear Elimination Therapy) is a short course  that is unavailable anywhere else, except from approved distributors (contact me if you would like affiliate rights to this course).  It is entirely suitable for inclusion in the practices of qualified therapists, students studying Alternative Medicine and anyone involved in the caring professions, both private and public. 

It is also easily practiced by non-professional people who have a caring disposition and who want to help  someone with Fear Removal or dealing with Phobias.    

On completion of your studies, you are eligible to take a short 30 minute exam (free) to establish you have diligently studied the course.  On passing, you are awarded a Certificate of Competence at a cost of printing and postage only (Approximately $5.00).


At first I have to say many thanks for the really nice certificate concerning F.E.T..  

Meanwhile, I used FET therapy in a case of phobia (fear of swimming in a swimming pool) and it worked.   

Hans Bechtell, Germany

 Fear Elimination Therapy

This is my brain-child and I am Dr. Robert Shields, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Alternative Medicine Practitioner for more than thirty-five years and the Principal of The Robert Shields College.   

This course teaches my incredible (Yes!  I'm blowing my own trumpet, but I feel on this occasion justified in doing so <smile>) method of removing the effects of past trauma, for example

  • Fear of flying 

  • Fear of spiders    

  • Fear of motorways

  • Fear of heights

  • Fear of flying

  • Fear of the dentist

  • Fear of needles

  • Fear of public speaking

  • Fear of tall buildings

  • Fear of commitment

  • Fear of snakes

  • Fear of interviews

  • Fear of failure

  • Fear of going outdoors

  • Fear of animals

  • Fear of aging

  • Fear of relationships

  • phobia of clowns

  • phobia of people

  • phobia of driving

  • phobia of long words

  • phobia of death

  • commitment phobias

  • social phobias

  • and phobias in children

  • Spider phobia, etc, etc etc.................................. the list is too long to put here!

No other establishment teaches this method without my personal consent

You will not find my Therapy for Fear Removal (Fear Elimination Therapy) in any published text book and can only be learned through this College or the College Franchise holders. 

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Hi Dr. Robert,

I had my wife practice the F.E.T. on me for anxiety I experience yearly around June/July (as a result of a traumatic event when I was 12) and I'm feeling 100% better this year!

I also used the technique on my step-daughter for a trauma she experienced when she was 17, and now issues around that incident have cleared away; she has a couple of other ones she experienced at 18 and 19, so I'm going to go through those with her one at a time.

One woman had a trauma lifted that she had been holding onto since 6 years of age in Europe. This 50-something year-old had never cried until she released that day in the workshop, and cleared away the trauma of that memory permanently, as she described the scenario now in a positive and beautiful way. 

Mike Likey, Canada 

You can read about two actual case histories

using my Fear Elimination Therapy in more detail

 by  Clicking here


Hi Robert,

I used it (Fear Removal Therapy) last week on one of Barb's riding students after she had a scare from a near "bolt" & after two "passes"
the little girl laughed at the memory of the incident!

It is almost magical, isn't it?

Your friend always,

Joe, Cincinnati, U.S.A

In a second email Joe said:

"An (profession not shown to allow anonymity)  I used F.E.T on recently was relieved of a problem she's had for nearly 40 years in 20 minutes!  What a wonderful therapy."


This is a breakthrough in the field of fear removal !!!  

Note: On payment, you get access to a downloadable file for studying off-line that contains the course.   Should you have any questions, I am available to help.   It should  take less than a few hours to study and practice

if you are serious about helping others remove their fears and/or phobias, grab a copy now and see for yourself the difference this course can make in your efforts to help others with their problems

This short course is like a diamond - small but very valuable!


This is what we have charged in the past $154.97  $95.97

But for you this is your special time-limited fee


Note: Due to the nature of this short course, I do not offer refunds unless there are exceptional circumstances.  I am open to the fact that there can be occasions when a mistake has happened and a refund is the ethical thing to do, so you need only contact me in such an event. 

So please do not purchase if you are simply curious about this therapy.

 or click here to grab your copy now

Note:  This is an extremely powerful therapy and purchasing the course is an acceptance of our disclaimer that The Robert Shields College or its owner or owners are not responsible for the results or the way this therapy is used.  You accept that the  therapy must be used with care and diligence and not abused in any way.    How and when you use the therapy is your responsibility.

For details of my very low cost Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Course  click here



Just in case you missed it, the course is not intended as self-help, although many people have reported that it has worked successfully on themselves.  It is recommended it be used by a third party working on the person with the phobia or fear.   If the root cause of the fear is known, there is an extremely high likelihood of it working within minutes, but if the root cause is not known, it may take longer;  in exceptional circumstances you may need more than one session.   Please do not purchase my course if you think it is a miracle instant cure for any phobia or illness and you can apply it to yourself - it is not designed to work that way.

PS:  I know how suspicious one can get over how genuine testimonials and case histories are so I thought I would add the following to this web page.  What you are about to read was posted in August 2007 on a fear removal blog that I was totally unaware of, so there is no way I could fake it.  Although the technique has been slightly improved on since then, the post is still appropriate.   If you want to see the actual posting, contact me.  So, you be the judge:

J is a 30-something female who had a terrible phobias of spiders. Having recently completed certification in Robert Shields Fear Elimination Therapy, I thought that it would be a good idea to try it out.

"Tell me about it", I said.

"Its like a feeling of dread in my stomach", J replied. "If I see a spider, I can't move. I'm afraid that it will follow me. It's so bad that I can't even help my husband in the garden because I'm afraid that one might jump out on me."

So, I took her through the procedure. Having her relate the story while (BLOCKED OUT AS IT DESCRIBES THE THERAPY). After one round it was done.

"It's gone", she said.

"What do you mean", I asked.

"That feeling of dread, I don't feel anything now. This is great!"

Later that day, J walked into her bathroom to be met by a largish spider in her bathroom sink. No problem, no feeling of dread. Where previously she would be rooted to the spot, she was able to calmly deal with the situation - or calmly call her husband to deal with it. She still doesn't like spiders or want to make any contact with them, but the "dread" is gone. Oh yeah, she's gardening now too.

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The Robert Shields College, Harlow, England, United Kingdom

Note:  This is an extremely powerful therapy and purchasing the course is an acceptance of our disclaimer that The Robert Shields College or its owner or owners are not responsible for the results or the way this therapy is used.  You accept that the  therapy must be used with care and diligence and not abused in any way.    How and when you use the therapy is your responsibility.

Also Please Note:  There is sometimes confusion over another therapy called E.F.T.  Let me say with the utmost respect that there is absolutely no similarity between E.F.T. (which is a wonderful therapy) and F.E.T.   I believe I produced my therapy some years before E.F.T but that is of no consequent as both therapies are steps into the future as far as the treatment of psychological problems are concerned.